Five MeanEmojis in a row



For best experience minting please read the following

  • On Mobile: open within the MetaMask app and use the browser.
  • On Desktop: Use the MetaMask extension on your browser.

They have arrived. Meet our latest creation.

MeanEmojis carry unique characteristics, traits, and features like no other.


MeanEmojis is the face of Emoji NFTs. We have unique combinations of 3D Emojis. The beautiful art gives each one incredible personality. The blockchain is ETH, and the Mint happens on our own website. The Emojis will be in OpenSea after mint.

Our Genesis Collection has 100 special Emojis. We are using this collection to build our community and prepare for a 5000 Collection drop. We already have the 5000 Unique Emojis Created. Our focus is to build a solid community before dropping the 5k Collection.


This roadmap is an outline of our goals for the MeanEmojis brand.

Our OG and 5k Collections are PFP Collections. These collections will be used to fund utility implementation, and future collections too.

Our focus is to position MeanEmojis as the Emojis of the Metaverse. Our first Utility comes in the 5K Collection roadmap. 
Our first drop is our 100 Genesis Collection. 

Genesis Pre Drop

  • 100 Unique Emojis
  • Virtual Gallery Ready
  • Over 20 different traits

Genesis Mint

All Marketing content and team effort goes to mint out. 

80% of the Genesis Collection earnings go to the 5k Collection. Most of it to the community. The rest to marketing. 

Holder Events and Giveaways. 

5432 Roadmap

After Minting out our 100 OG Emojis, we will reveal the roadmap for our 5K Collection. 


Each OG MeanEmoji will be extra special in art and traits. They are the OG Emojis of the MeanEmojis Universe. The traits include how they look, how they are, and how they feel. Each OG Emoji will have 30 traits.


Our Genesis collection has an exclusive supply of 100. We hope that this small supply will make its value go up the more we work on our MeanEmojis Brand. We hope The bigger the MeanEmojis community the more valuable the OG MeanEmojis will be.

We already have the art in place for our 5K Emoji drop. We hope the OG MeanEmojis benefit from all this content we will release. 


Right here on our site you can mint your meanemoji!

-If on mobile, make sure you are accessing the site using metamask’s browser.

-If on Desktop, connect your wallet using the metamask browser extension.

Each Meanemoji costs 0.01 ETH to mint

 There are 100 OG MeanEmojis available.

 By owning a MeanEmoji you become part of the Generation Zero. Future utility includes Emoji packs in the Metaverse and the ability to Breed new emojis. You can also check how rare your meanemoji is on opensea by seeing all its traits!

Yes, every time a MeanEmoji is minted it will appear automatically on OpenSea.

Beware of scammers!
This is our official link to our collection OpenSea.